Watching & Swimming with wild dolphins and Whales with glassboat in Ogasawara Japan

説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Hello dolphin !Photo by Shi-ichi Numata

説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Tout guide Pinkdolphin

説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: swimming with wild dolphinsWild dolphins and Whales

Wild dolphins and Whales inhabit around Ogasawara islands.
All year around Bottle nosed dolphins and Spinner dolphins are seen here.
Hump backed whales are in Winter (from Novemver to April).
Sperm whales are inhabit about 10 more km south east area from Chishi-jima all year around.
Under good condition of the sea, you can swim with wild beautiful dolphins.


説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Our cruserMiss PinkdolphinGlass boat The Pinkdolphin

Tour boat the Pinkdolphin is a tour boat an capacity of 30 people .
The one of the biggest tour boat in Ogasawara.
It's very safety and comfortable, with large restroom, roof and big cabin.
Upper deck has a nice view.
Everyone can see colorful corals and fishes with the bottom glass.
Little children and seniors also can enjoy on our boat.


説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Captain Stanley CaptainCaptain Stanley

He was born on the island(Chichi-jima-island) and studied English in his childhood,
So he usually speaks fluent English and Japanese.
He is the captain of the Pinkdolphin, Stanley Minami.
There is a few guides who speak correct english.
And he is a dependable sea man.


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One-day-tour 9:00 - 15:30

Cruising around Chichi-jima islands and finding wild dolphins and Whales.
During the tour we land on Minami-jima island and cruise near John & Jinny beach.
After lunch, we go to Cabbage-beach, watch the Pinkdolphin Extra Performance !
When we encounter to wild dolphins, you of course can swim with them.

You have to take a food and drink for lunch.
If you want to land on Minami-jima, you should put on tough sandals.
When we land on Minami-jima, everyone have to wash up each soles of shoes.

Half-day-tour 9:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 16:30

Minami-jima island, John & Jinny beach, Sightseeing cruising,
when we encounter to wild dolphins, you can swim with them.
Dolphinswim or watching, Whale-watching.

You have to take a something to drink only.
If you want to land on Minami-jima, you should put on tough sandals.
When we land on Minami-jima, everyone have to wash up each soles of shoes.

Keetaa-islands / haha-jima / other plan / Charter

Please ask us.

Contact >> How to take an appointment

We take an inquiry and the reservation on the telephone only.
00+81+80+88497307 (international)
080-8849-7307 (domestic)

Tour Fee

  ¥ 10,000 / half-day  ¥ 5,000

Where is Ogasawara ??

説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Ogasawara, JAPAN

How can I get to there ?

By a ferry boat the Ogasawara-maru.
説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: the ogasawara-maru


It's a little bit warmer than main islands of Japan.
Every year some Typhoons come.
You can swim only with swimming waer from July to October.
The other seasons are slightly chilly.
From December to May, you need a wind-breaker.

Free rental swimming gears

You can always use swimming gears on the Pinkdolphin.
(Snorkel, goggle, fin)
説明: 説明: 説明: 説明: Snorkel set

Free hot drink

Coffee, tea, green tea and Japanese tea.(one-day-tour only)

Life jacket and Raincoat

We put life jackets and raincoats on the boat.
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